Where are you located?  

202 E. Lewis Street in Monroe, next door to NAPA. 


How much does this cost?

$199 for unlimited monthly boot camps

$149 for 12 classes (exp after 30 days)

$79 for 12 classes with Student ID

$109 for 8 classes (exp after 30 days)

$25 to drop in



Can I try it out before I buy a package?

Yes!  Your first class is always free!


Where can I sign in for classes?

There are two ways!


When are your classes offered?  

Sunday at 8am and 9:15am (yoga)

Monday at 5am, 6am, 9:15am, 4pm, 5pm (strength) and 6pm

Tuesday at 5am and 6pm

Wednesday at 5am, 6:15am (yoga), 9:15am, 4pm and 6pm

Thursday at 5am and 6pm

Friday at at 5am, 6am, 9:15am, 5pm (strength) and 6pm

Saturday at 7am    


Do you offer childcare?

Yes!  We ask that you "sign in" and let us know that you and your little(s) will be joining our childcare room. Childcare is offered at the Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:15am sessions and again Monday and Wednesday at 4pm.  


I have an injury, will I still be able to participate?

Yes!  Our trainers are all very knowledgeable and are able to modify exercises.  Make sure you let us know if you have any limitations. 



What is included in your GET FIT programs?

Semi-Personal Weekly Workouts 4x a week, Personalized Weekly Meal Plans, Weekly Shopping List, Weekly Weigh-Ins, Email and Text Support, Private Facebook Community, and Access to our Personal trainers and Nutrition Coach. 



I need help with my food.  Do you have any nutrition programs available?

Yes! We have our GET FIT program and Nutrition Coaching. 



What do I wear and bring? 

 Wear comfortable workout clothing and tennis shoes. Bring a water bottle. 


Am I allowed to workout if I am pregnant?

Of course. Check with your Doctor first and listen to your body! We are here to help offer modifications and exercises that meet your needs.