Trusting the Process

I was sure I knew exactly what I wanted, how I'd make it happen and who would be at my side... I was 22 and fresh out of college. I thought of the world as a, if it doesn't "check the box," it's not for me kind of world. Ha! Life sure does have a way of humbling you.

Some lessons were REALLY hard. But I survived. And those times of great resistance, and great disappointment, I also experienced great VICTORY. I was learning, I was realizing my resiliency and I was setting out on my own mission, a mission full of heart, not checkmarks.

I married the man I said I wouldn't marry. I had the kids I said I would never have. I said no to a career path in law, only to say yes to an athletic training facility, and eventually, I said yes to becoming the head trainer for the only Women's Bootcamp in Snohomish County (and maybe even Washington!).

SO. MUCH. HEART. And I'm so glad that God's plans were so much greater than mine. I couldn't imagine not doing what I do! Everything in my life is heart-lead. And you can't buy that kind of peace.

And looking back, I realize now that it was all part of the process. All of it. Every experience, every heartache, every disappointment, every victory, it's what's continuing to shape me, mold me, carry me, strengthen me and prepare me for the next, bigger and better season.

ETA started in our garage. We prayed, and it moved to a loft. Prayed again, and we acquired a 10,000 sq ft space. Prayed again, and we scored the best trainers and coaches with the most amazing hearts. Prayed again, and we went from 1 to 5 select football teams in under 4 years. We've worked with thousands of athletes and their families, have coached hundreds of women into health and happiness, and continue to grind and do the work.

Don't underestimate the impact of prayer and grind. THESE ARE THE PROCESS. Stay consistent there and let God work. He's dope.

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